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The Team at Regions Economics Group

Economists and Analysts

Regions Economics Group is led by Wade Litt, who holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from The Ohio State University and is currently an economics professor at Denison University. In addition to teaching courses in Micro, Macro, and Labor Economics, Wade has over a decade of experience in statistical and econometric modeling, working with financial institutions and international organizations. His expertise has led to consulting projects and invited presentations across Europe, as well as in Kenya, India, and Brazil.

Our team consists of highly motivated analysts, economists, and interns with diverse academic backgrounds and a strong focus on analytics. We are dedicated to applying our skills and knowledge to real-world research projects, and we foster a supportive, collaborative, and educational environment where our interns receive mentorship from our experienced team members. Together, we are committed to delivering unique insights and valuable data-driven research to our clients. Through our innovative approach and dedication to high-quality analysis, we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for every project we undertake.