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Expert Economics Consulting and Analytics

Practice Areas

Data Tools and Consultation

User-friendly data visualization and analytics solutions, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions through customized consulting services.

White Papers

Well-researched and in-depth white papers, providing valuable insights and policy recommendations on pressing regional economic issues to support informed decision-making.

Impact Analysis

Thorough assessments of economic and social effects, enabling clients to understand the implications of their projects, policies, or investments on local communities.

Expert Analytics and Economic Insights

At Regions Economics Group, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge analytics solutions and economic insights to help our clients make informed decisions. Our team of skilled economists, analysts, and researchers provide comprehensive data-driven analysis, including statistical and econometric modeling, to businesses, policymakers, and researchers. By leveraging our team’s diverse academic backgrounds and innovative thinking, we offer tailored, high-quality analysis that addresses each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Former Professional Engagements

Huntington National Bank

Park National Bank


Cadbury, Ireland


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